Our Mission

To build value for our investors through the strength of our customers' satisfaction and by consistently producing superior operating results in time, while ensuring transparency in all our business dealings.

To maximize profits and ensure complete satisfaction of all our stakeholders – our employees, customers, allied companies, local communities, society, and the environment.

To understand the need of our customers and strive to provide innovative, creative, environment friendly, low-cost solutions

Our Vision

To be a responsible and respected global player in commodities export and trading merchandise and endeavor to develop corporate activities that balance the needs of the society, environment, and the economy to ensure sustainable growth for a better tomorrow.

Being system driven and by attaining the globally benchmarked standards of excellence in all our operations. Nurturing an R&D mindset among employees and fostering innovation

Ensuring a high performance work culture and attaining the highest level of employee engagement. Following the principles of corporate governance and being socially responsible and resource efficient. Deploying cost-effective, environment friendly, and appropriate technology

Safety Policy

We give high priority to safety, welfare and health of our employees. We firmly believe that every employee is entitled to work under most safe conditions. All possible efforts are made in the interest of accident prevention in our premise.

We do realize that it’s a good practice to guard against accidents and occupational diseases. Preventing accident will reduce the associated costs and improve the morale of our employees, which is an intangible benefit to the organization. We belief that all accidents, which injure people, damage machinery and destroy materials, can be prevented by taking specific safety precautions.

All employees are expected to perform their duties without compromising the safety guidelines issued to them and which are amended from time to time.